Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Law Enforcement Careers

We continue to go inside the challenges of law enforcement recruitment circa 2023 This week, Putnam County Commissioners approved 92 new employees as part of the 2023-2024 fiscal year budget. The biggest part of those new staffers will come in the expanded Putnam County Justice Center set to be completed next Spring. The budget also includes additional pay for many ... Read More »

The Scene: Metalworker David Fricke

David discusses all things metalworking and helping out Cookeville businesses. Join host Andrea Kruszka as she meets with metalworker and Cookeville resident David Fricke. They look at David’s background with metalworking and how he got started, upcoming projects including one with some local Cookeville businesses, and if there is anything he likes to listen to while he works. New episodes ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Law Enforcement

This week, we go inside the challenges of law enforcement recruitment circa 2023 A major raise this year from the City of Cookeville, and a major upgrade to starting salaries in an attempt to help with law enforcement recruitment. Putnam County getting set to hire dozens for the Justice Center expansion, and that’s just in one county. All across the ... Read More »

The Scene: The Cast of “Out Of This World” Dinner Theatre Show

Andrea discusses the new show and what people can expect when they come see it. Join host Andrea Kruszka as she talks with the some of the cast of Out Of This World and director Logan Taylor. The group talks about what the idea was to start something like this, details about the show and their “family” process of doing ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Virtual Reality

Learn more about the world of virtual reality with TTU iCube’s Amanda Powell. Technology always seems to bring out the best in those who like to predict. For example, virtual reality – which many predicted by this point would have completely taken over our lives. That has not been the case. So where does virtual reality stand? We turn to ... Read More »

The Scene: Meet The Rustic Nail’s Tyler Asher

Tyler talks about his journey with a small business & being able to help others. Join host Andrea Kruszka as she visits with Tyler Asher, owner of The Rustic Nail. They discuss the journey of starting The Rustic Nail, how Tyler’s day job at the Small Business Development Center helps him with his business and the business a client has, ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: EMS

Directors of Putnam, Overton, and Jackson Co EMS discuss EMS as a career path. The Upper Cumberland’s local EMS operations need you. There are real job opportunities with EMS currently all across the Upper Cumberland. Today, we explore EMS as a career. What is life like behind the doors of the ambulance service? Tommy Copeland directs the Putnam County EMS, ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Trauma Pt 2

Tennessee Tech’s Dr. Elizabeth Ramsey continues to discuss trauma informed care. Trauma informed care – it’s all about recognizing the signs and symptoms of trauma in patients and families, and then realizing the impact that trauma can have on a person’s life. We continue our exploration of trauma with Tennessee Tech’s Dr. Elizabeth Ramsey. Today In The Upper Cumberland airs ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Trauma

Learn about the Putnam County Resilience Coalition with TTU’s Elizabeth Ramsey. A group of community leaders came together to form the Putnam County Resilience Coalition. Their goal is to raise awareness of trauma informed care in the community. How does that impact all of us, and what efforts are underway? Elizabeth Ramsey is an Assistant Professor of Human Ecology at ... Read More »

The Scene: Owners of Illuminated Grain Andrew and Nida Kruse

Andrew and Nida discuss how they have handled being owners of a new venture. Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with the owners of Illuminated Grain, Andrew Kruse and his wife Nida. The three talk about what was the idea that sparked the husband and wife’s company, how Nida handles the marketing and the behind-the-scenes roles, and how ... Read More »