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Olive Garden is Now Making Breadstick Sandwiches…Mmmmmmmm

Olive Garden is famous for their breadsticks. They may not be the most delicious thing in the world, but that’s not the point. The point is . . . everything tastes better when it’s UNLIMITED. And Olive Garden just announced they’re upping their game next month . . . they’re going to start making breadstick SANDWICHES. Starting June 1st, you’ll ... Read More »

Six Things Men Hate About Other Men

Guys, if we asked you what you hate about other men, you probably wouldn’t answer. You’d think it was some lame social experiment to prove that men are CATTIER than women. But don’t sweat it. Someone on Reddit.com just asked that question and got a TON of answers. Once guys started talking about how men are annoying, they couldn’t stop. ... Read More »

Emma and Noah Are the Most Popular Baby Names of 2014

The Social Security Administration just released its data on the most popular baby names for last year, and there aren’t any big surprises. The most popular name for boys was Noah, for the second year in a row. Almost 1% of all the boys born in the U.S. last year got the name. The most popular name for girls was ... Read More »

Kaitlyn Knight From Jackson County Is This Weeks Dream Big Scholar

106-9 Kicks Country and The Tennessee Credit Union awarded Kaitlyn Knight of Jackson County as a Dream Big Scholar. Kaitlyn has accomplished so much in High School, she will graduate with a 4.0 GPA! Kaitlyn’s other accomplishment are: Girls’ State Delegate, UCEMC Washington Youth Tour Essay Contest Winner, and UCEMC Youth Leadership Summit Attendee. While attending Jackson County High School Kaitlyn was a member of ... Read More »

Which Baby Names Are Googled Most in Each State?

Before anyone picks a baby name in this day and age, you have to vet it on the Internet, right? Google just analyzed searches for baby names in the past year, and found the most common names new parents have been searching for. The top three boy names nationwide are: Michael, James, and Avery. The top three girl names are: ... Read More »

Dictionary.com Added New Words

The English language is evolving with new stupid words daily . . . and the dictionaries are trying their best to keep up.  Dictionary.com just updated with a bunch of new, modern words . . . here are the six highlights . . . Read More »