Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Jason And Tony (Page) 01-24-17Jason and Tony have known each other since Mrs. Ligons class at Cookeville High School.

Sure they got in trouble…

Now they get paid for it!


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Real Good: A 4 Year Old Used Siri to Save His Mom’s Life

It’s crazy how good kids are with technology. And one mom in England is alive today because of it . . . A woman in London had some sort of medical emergency this month, and lost consciousness. No one was with her except her three kids. The oldest one is four. But when he realized something was wrong, he grabbed her ... Read More »

Jason And Tony: How Many of These Weird Habits Do You Have?

Do you ever wonder if other people share the same weird habits as you? Well we found an online survey about it. Here are eight questions we liked . . . 1. When you leave a store without buying anything, do you get worried they’ll think you’re shoplifting? 75% of people said yes. 2. When you write the word “Wednesday,” ... Read More »

Real Good: An Abused Dog Got Adopted, and Saved a Three-Year-Old’s Life

Last April, someone brought an abused dog into an animal shelter in northern Michigan that had two broken legs. It still looks pretty young, so apparently it was still a puppy at that point. Luckily it recovered, and the owners got arrested for animal cruelty. Then another couple adopted it and named it Peanut. So it’s in good hands now. ... Read More »

Jason And Tony: An X-Ray of a Dog Who Swallowed the Monopoly Dog Token

Apparently this dog heard that Monopoly is getting rid of some of its classic tokens and he was DETERMINED to protect the Scottie dog piece. Someone on Reddit just posted an X-ray of their dog’s stomach that shows he swallowed the Monopoly dog token. Or, as one person joked, maybe it just shows the dog is pregnant? Anyway, as far ... Read More »

Jason And Tony: The 5 Most Romantic Places To Stay In The Upper Cumberland

Armour’s Hotel in Red Boiling Springs: The Hotel is furnished with antiques, each with private baths. Porches with rockers on 2 levels overlooking Salt Lick Creek.Mineral and Steam baths available anytime and massages by appointment. Armour’s has the only genuine mineral baths in Tennessee. Home cooked Country Breakfasts and Dinners available. Covered bridges & beautiful scenic drives nearby. Comfortable,relaxing, and ... Read More »