Monday, July 6, 2020
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Jason And Tony: The Real Story Of Crazy George’s Bridge


Crazy Georges Bridge

It was more or less a place to take your girlfriend in high school and try to scare her in hopes the event would be traumatic enough that she would make out with you!

Crazy George’s Bridge is located about 5 miles west of Monterey on the old Lawson Rd. now called Woodbridge Rd.

Legend has it the bridge marks the place where a railroad worker named George met his untimely end.Word has it he was a big drinker, George was wandering the tracks one night near the bridge when he go hit by a train and beheaded.

Growing up people would say that if you come out to Crazy George’s Bridge after midnight and turn off your car, it won’t start again. And if you call for Crazy George three times,he shows up carrying a light as he searches for his lost head.

But that’s not exactly the truth… In fact is name wasn’t even George!

Dale Welch from the Monterey Depot Museum Says ” Tennessee Tech students started the story about a night watchman whose job it was to warn people a train was coming and to pick up the rock that fell in “Rattle Snake Cut”. The story from the Tech students goes on to say that he was killed by a train and still warns people about the train”

Well, that story isn’t true either.

Hear Dale tell the story:

The real story Dale says happened on May 2 1931. “There was a night watchman but his name wasn’t George and he wasn’t crazy, his name was Jerry Holloway”.

That night a man named Narman Stamps… not Norman… Narman. Narman was to get married to his sweetheart the next Friday night and they had been at a revival service at Woodcliff Baptist Church. After he walked her home Narman went down to the night watchman’s shack to talk to Jerry about a couple of Coon Dog pups that were going to be born.

Dale goes on to say “By the time Narman got to the night watchman he had to much liquid spirit and not the Holy Spirit he got a church”.

Jerry talks to Narman about the pups and tells him he needs to stay with him because he had to much to drink but Narman didn’t listen and walks on down the tracks.

The next morning Jerry goes to check the tracks and sees Narman’s hat then his watch…. Then he found Narman all over the tracks!

Jerry calls for help and they pick up what they can of Narman… They stop in the church on they way back to tell people what happened and Narman’s sweetheart was in the church!

“When she heard about Narman she screamed and passed out”

She must have not been that upset because on the Friday night she was supposed to marry Narman she married another man!!

There was an investigation into Narmans death but nothing could be proved.

And that’s the real story of Crazy Georges Bridge.