Monday, May 25, 2020
Happening Now

Jason And Tony: Meet the Man Who’s Kept Every One of His Nail Clippings Since 1978

58-year-old Richard Gibson of Lafayette, Louisiana might have the most disgusting hobby in the world. And we’re not exaggerating.

For the past 36 years, Richard has kept every single one of his fingernail and toenail clippings . . . and put them in a jar. Yes, in 1978, when he was 22 years old, he started collecting his nails. And now, at 58 years old, he’s still going.

Richard says his jar of nail clippings is his most cherished possession, and it’s prominently displayed on a shelf in his house.

It hasn’t always been . . . his ex-wife used to make him keep it hidden. That’s right . . . ex-wife. Wonder what drove them apart.

Just to make this a little grosser, Richard doesn’t cut his nails that often . . . he waits until they’re really long. In the close-up photo we’ve got of his nail jar, there are a few in there that are close to an inch long.