Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Happening Now

Dailey Bailey: [Watch] A Stranger Surprises a High School Custodian With a Free Car

There’s a woman in St. Petersburg, Florida named Ernestina Nunez who works as a high school custodian. And she couldn’t afford a car, so she’d walk about a mile to work every day carrying a bunch of bags.

She would always walk past an auto shop that’s owned by a guy named Richard Newberry. And on Friday, he finally went outside to talk to her.

He found out her story . . . and it turns out her son is a former Marine who took his own life because of PTSD. She moved to Florida a few weeks ago to try to get a fresh start.

Richard used to be homeless and had been through rough times himself, so he offered to sell Ernestina a used car at a huge discount. First he said he’d only charge her $600 . . . but she couldn’t afford it, so he lowered it to $300. But she still couldn’t do it.

So . . . he just gave her the car.

He streamed the whole thing on Facebook, and the video’s been viewed almost 20,000 times. The shop has also setup a GoFundMe page, to help Ernestina with extra costs like car registration, insurance, and gas.

He told her, quote, “I’ve been in this boat, I’ve been where you’re at and I’ve made it through.” She thanked him, and says, quote, “He’s given me hope on life.”