Wednesday, July 15, 2020
Happening Now

Dailey Bailey: A Man Is Busted For Playing “Pokemon Go” Bottomless . . . He Says Pants Are Too Constricting

When you’re out chasing Pokemon in “Pokemon Go”, you need free range of motion. But maybe not this free.

A 31-year-old guy named Joseph Sweitzer was playing “Pokemon Go” in Blaine, Washington last week . . . bottomless!!

Someone called the cops and reported him. When they got there, they found Joseph was just wearing a shirt, shoes, and a backpack. He told them he wasn’t wearing pants because, quote, “They were too constricting.”

And to prove that he was better without pants, he told the cops he’d just managed to catch three Pokemon in front of a motel and Chinese restaurant.

I’m not sure if the cops were impressed with that or not . . . but Joseph got very lucky because the person who called the police decided not to press charges for indecent exposure.

So the cops just told Joseph to put his pants on. He did . . . and then he got back to Pokemon hunting. Constricted Pokemon hunting.