Thursday, June 4, 2020
Happening Now

Dailey Bailey: 25% of Us Have Texted Someone in the Same Room Instead of Talking to Them

Yeah, I’ve totally done this.

A new survey found that 25% of adults say they’ve texted someone in the SAME ROOM. Maybe it was out of laziness . . . or maybe they did it because the other person was SO focused on their phone that it was the only way to communicate.

Here are four more results from the survey on our phone and Internet obsession . . .

1. 34% have tried to “detox” by not using the Internet for anywhere from a day to a month. 45% of them say they hated it.

2. One in four people say they’ve had someone bump into them because they were staring at their phone.

3. 47% of us have missed out on sleep because we were messing around on the Internet.

4. And 59% of us say we’re addicted to our phone.