Wednesday, June 7, 2023
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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Local Jobs & Workforce Roundtable

Join our roundtable of local experts in discussing job & workforce availability. Go anywhere in the Upper Cumberland right now, and you are very likely to see a “Help Wanted” sign. Companies big and small in every aspect of he economy are having a hard time getting people to come to work. Part of it is COVID. Part of it, ... Read More »

The Scene: Shonga Mama

Meet Shonga Mama’s Kristina England and learn about her unique brand of clothing  Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Kristina England of Shonga Mama. They discuss her vintage, reworked clothing, how she brings new life to 100% up-cycled and vintage materials, her step by step process for creating a new piece of clothing, and how she ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Cookeville Parks & Recreation

Rick Woods, James Mills talk Cookeville Parks & Recreation, budgets & projects. Budget time is fast approaching for local municipalities, and that includes the city of Cookeville. What role will parks and recreation play in that budget? There are a lot of project ideas on the table. How do you assess those, and what role does economic development play in ... Read More »

The Scene: Darby Lewis & Ceramic Art And Fibers

Meet ceramic artist & fibers student, Darby Lewis, and how she combines the two.  Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with local ceramic artist, and fibers student at the Appalachian Center For Craft, Darby Lewis. They discuss how she became interested in ceramics, where she finds the ideas and inspiration for some of her pieces, and how ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Cumberland County Playhouse Pt 2

Continue to learn about the Cumberland County Playhouse with CEO Bryce McDonald. The Cumberland County Playhouse season resumes this weekend with Clue on stage. If you loved the game as a kid, or you love the movie as an adult, you’ll love the performance of Clue. Bryce McDonald is CEO of the Cumberland County Playhouse. After a year that was ... Read More »

The Scene: Charles Kail & Abstract Painting

Meet Cookeville painter Charles Kail, and learn about his abstract oil paintings  Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Cookeville abstract painter and student of Art Education at Tennessee Tech University, Charles Kail. They discuss what made him decide to go to school for art, how he goes about creating one of his abstract oil paintings, and ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Cumberland County Playhouse

Go behind the curtain, and learn more about the Cumberland County Playhouse. This week, the Cumberland County Playhouse will begin its 2021 spring season with Clue on stage. It has been a difficult 12 months for Cumberland County Playhouse – affected as so many have been by COVID-19. But just as it has throughout its history, the Cumberland County Playhouse ... Read More »

The Scene: Amy Rodgers & Hand Stamped Jewelry

Learn all about hand stamped jewelry with Baxter jewelry designer Amy Rodgers. Content hosted by Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Amy Rodgers, a Baxter jewelry designer specializing in hand stamped jewelry. They discuss how she got started designing jewelry, what her artistic process is like when designing a piece of hand stamped jewelry, as well ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Addressing Reading & Learning Loss

This week, we address the issues of reading and learning loss caused by COVID-19 Upper Cumberland counties are announcing plans for summer schools – these put in place by the legislature, and the Bill Lee administration to try to help with learning loss created by COVID-19. But just how severe is that learning loss, and are reading problems that the ... Read More »

The Scene: Aaron Wells & Custom Furniture

Meet Cookeville wood artist Aaron Wells, and learn about his custom furniture. Content hosted by Join host Emily Newman as she sits down with Cookeville wood artist Aaron Wells of Aaron Wells Furniture. They discuss how he got into woodworking, what the commission process is like when creating custom pieces for someone, and how he comes up with the ... Read More »