Wednesday, January 19, 2022
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Author Archives: Will Hearn Added New Words

The English language is evolving with new stupid words daily . . . and the dictionaries are trying their best to keep up. just updated with a bunch of new, modern words . . . here are the six highlights . . . Read More »

McDonald’s is Bringing Back the Hamburglar as a Middle-Aged Hipster

Other than Ronald McDonald, there’s no McDonald’s character more famous than the Hamburglar. Well, maybe Grimace. Mayor McCheese? Please. But the Hamburglar’s been in exile for a while now . . . they haven’t used him in an ad since 2002. Except yesterday they announced he’s making a comeback. And he looks . . . um . . . different. ... Read More »

Lyrics Uncovered: Luke Bryan, ‘Drink a Beer’

Luke Bryan‘s “Drink a Beer” lyrics have given the superstar one of the most important hits of his career, but interestingly enough, the song wasn’t written with him in mind at all. Continue reading… …read more Source:: Taste Of Country Read More »

Photos: 1960s beach culture on Australia’s Gold Coast

The Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, has been known for its golden sands and beach bums for decades. But it’s also home to Australia’s meter maids, bronzed bods and glitzy nightlife — a trait that some consider to be a rip-off of the Miami scene. During the 1960s, ’70s and ’80s, events such as the Sun Girl Quest and the ... Read More »

The ‘Dad Bod’ Is A Thing

For those unfamiliar with its every fleshy curve, the dadbod is defined as ‘undefined muscles beneath a light layer of flab, usually topped off with a beer belly.’ It is achieved through little-to-no exercise, combined with regular dedicated beer and pizza binges. Celebrity poster boys include Seth Rogan, Vince Vaughan and, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. And now a new Instagram ... Read More »