Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Burgess Falls

Burgess Falls State Park and Natural Area provide amazing views, wonderful hikes, and water features you will not find anywhere else. As one of the treasures of the Upper Cumberland, we explore the area’s history and its offerings with Park Manager Bill Summers. Summers also introduces to the Window Cliffs Natural Area, a brand new offering for the Upper Cumberland. ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Standing Stone

The Upper Cumberland’s natural beauty and recreational facilities make it a special place for tourists and for those of us who call the area home. One of those treasures…Standing Stone State Park in Overton County. The park offers quiet, reflective areas as well as places for recreation and fun. Sarah Geeslin is a park ranger at Standing Stone Park. She ... Read More »

Real Good: A 4 Year Old Used Siri to Save His Mom’s Life

It’s crazy how good kids are with technology. And one mom in England is alive today because of it . . . A woman in London had some sort of medical emergency this month, and lost consciousness. No one was with her except her three kids. The oldest one is four. But when he realized something was wrong, he grabbed her ... Read More »

Kayla Woods Of Cookeville High Is A Dream Big Scholar

Cookeville High School’s Kayla Woods has been selected as the Lite Rock 95.9/106-9 Kicks Country Dream Big Scholar for May. The award honors outstanding work in the classroom, leadership in school groups, and organization, achievement in extracurricular activities as well as work in the community. One student from a high school across the Upper Cumberland wins the award each month. ... Read More »

Real Good: An Abused Dog Got Adopted, and Saved a Three-Year-Old’s Life

Last April, someone brought an abused dog into an animal shelter in northern Michigan that had two broken legs. It still looks pretty young, so apparently it was still a puppy at that point. Luckily it recovered, and the owners got arrested for animal cruelty. Then another couple adopted it and named it Peanut. So it’s in good hands now. ... Read More »