Saturday, August 13, 2022
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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Past Principals

Jerry Maynard and Richard Norton reflect on their tenure as school principals. The New Years weekend provides a chance for reflection, and looking to the future. And so in that way, Jerry Maynard and Richard Norton are very nature guests. Both are long time Putnam County Principals. They reflect on what their tenure was like, how education changed, and what ... Read More »

The Scene: Porchlight Design Co

Learn more about Cookeville graphic designer and photographer Carrie Thompson.  Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Cookeville graphic designer, photographer, and owner of Porchlight Design Co, Carrie Thompson. They discuss how she got her start in graphic design and photography, her recent photoshoot that was featured in Southern Bride Magazine, and what she wants people to ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Governor Bill Lee & 2022

Governor Bill Lee discusses the issues at the top of Tennessee’s agenda in 2022. Governor Bill Lee will begin 2022 with education at the top of the agenda – plan to change how local schools are funded by the state. A basic education plan called outdated by some, others say the state has never fully funded it. The state will ... Read More »

The Scene: Royal House Of Cheese

Discover the culinary side of art with Royal House of Cheese’s Diego Alvarez.  Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Cookeville food artist, and Owner and Founder of Royal House of Cheese, Diego Alvarez. They discuss how he got started catering and creating his own grazing tables, what led him to become an entrepreneur, what his experience ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Clay & Pickett Chambers Of Commerce

Doug Young and Billy Robbins discuss the Clay and Pickett Chambers Of Commerce. Boosting tourism, helping businesses, trying to find answers to questions – just some of the things that the Clay and Pickett County Chambers of Commerce try to do for their local communities. We explore the role of the Chamber in 2021 as we visit with Doug Young ... Read More »

The Scene: Mary Mae Smith & Digital Art

Meet Cookeville artist Mary Mae Smith, and learn about her various art projects.  Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Cookeville digital artist Mary Mae Smith. They discuss how she developed an interest in art and painting, how she’s inspired by nature, music, and her community, as well as what she would like people to take away ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Teenage Drug Abuse

Glen Sayes discusses fighting teenage drug abuse Today In The Upper Cumberland. Many Upper Cumberland parents will spend time this week trying to understand how best to help their teens deal with a drug abuse problem. Glen Sayes understands. As part of the UCHRA team, he’s working to fight drug abuse in our region. It is both professional, and personal ... Read More »

The Scene: Spookah & Mixed Media Art

Get to know Cookeville mixed media artist Spookah, and how she got her start.  Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with Cookeville mixed media artist, Spookah. They discuss how she got her start in art as a child, where she draws inspiration from when coming up with new projects, as well as the benefits of working in ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Sparta-White County Chamber Of Commerce

Marvin Bullock talks the holidays for the Sparta-White Co Chamber Of Commerce. The holiday season is always a busy time for local chambers of commerce. They’re working on holiday events, of course, also trying to do everything they can to bring shoppers into the area to finish up those holiday lists. They’re also working to wrap up membership for the ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Good Vs Evil In Country Music

Randall Williams discusses his research into country music at Tennessee Tech. Randall Williams admits he’s had a longtime fascination with the themes in country music. That’s why at the age of 63, he completed his doctoral studies at Tennessee Tech. And his research? The struggle between sacred and profane in country music. Today In The Upper Cumberland airs each weekend ... Read More »