Wednesday, October 5, 2022
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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Higher Education Costs Pt 2

TTU’s Phillip Oldham & Representative Cameron Sexton talk higher education costs A public university education used to be considered one of America’s great bargains. That has changed. Higher education scholars point to the 1980s as the start of the change when education became a hot button issue politically as a way to encourage growth. That led to some universities over-extending ... Read More »

Trending: Baxter Growth & Development

Baxter Mayor & Police Chief join Ben Rodgers to talk recent growth, development. Content hosted by This week, Ben Rodgers sits down with Baxter Mayor John Martin and Baxter Police Chief Danny Holmes about the growth of Baxter, projects like the new amphitheater, the sewer and water system and proposed rate increases, and new industry development in the area ... Read More »