Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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Today In The Upper Cumberland: Jobs And Housing

Megan Spurgeon, Charles Cobb, and Jeremiah Miller tackle UC jobs and housing. The Upper Cumberland Development District recently polled Upper Cumberland residents about the biggest issues facing our area at this point. Among the issues described – better jobs, higher paying jobs, and more access to affordable housing. How do we look at these topics, and what are possible solutions? ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Professional Mediation

Learn about the world of professional mediation with Cookeville’s Mark Travis. We seem to live in a society where disagreement is rampant. No one can agree on anything, or discuss anything, without it becoming ugly quickly. For some, the art of finding agreement is a profession. We introduce you to Cookeville’s Mark Travis, a professional mediator. Today In The Upper ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Cookeville Regional Medical Center Job Fair

Buffy Key, Becky Hull, and Jeremiah Miller discuss CRMC’s upcoming job fair. Cookeville Regional Medical Center needs workers. There are workers across the Upper Cumberland who need a job. The American Job Center coming together with Cookeville Regional for a unique approach to a job fair Tuesday. We’re joined by Buffy Key, Cookeville Regional’s Interim CEO, Becky Hull of the ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: NFL Draft

Voice of the Tennessee Titans Mike Keith discusses the upcoming 2023 NFL Draft. It’s almost as big as any game on the NFL schedule – thousands of hours will come to a close next week as the NFL Draft takes place in Kansas City. The Titans enter next week’s draft in an interesting position – a roster that still shows ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Dale Hollow Lake

Learn about the history of Dale Hollow Lake, and its once thriving community. Newcomers to the Upper Cumberland may not understand the history of Dale Hollow Lake. It was a thriving community, at least parts of it were, before the Army Corps of Engineers decided to make it a lake just before World War II. We explore the history of ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: UCDD & Historic Preservation

Mark Dudney discusses the UCDD’s role in preserving Upper Cumberland history. When you think of historical places, your mind automatically goes to Constitution Hall, or The Alamo, Pearl Harbor, the Lorraine Motel. But history is alive all around us, and the chance to preserve it is something important to the communities where it lives. It is one of the roles ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Organ Donation

This week, find out more about organ donation from donor and recipient alike. The stories of organ donation are truly amazing from both sides – those who have been donors, those who have received donations. Today, we have both. Debra Kitts is a donor mother. She was the mom of Dustin Kitts, a donor in 2000. She served on the ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Child Care Needs

This week UCDD’s Megan Choate and Rosa Smith discuss child care needs and issues Unless you’re the parent of a small child, or work in the industry, you may not realize just how severe the lack of daycare is, not only here in the Upper Cumberland, but around America. During the past two years, and estimated 16 thousand childcare programs ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland: Recovery Kitchen

This week, go inside Recovery Kitchen in Cookeville with Co-Founder Justin Veals Today we go inside the challenge of homelessness with someone who’s been been there. Someone who continues to help in our Upper Cumberland community. Justin Veals is the Co-Founder of The Recovery Kitchen. Today In The Upper Cumberland airs each weekend as a way to introduce you to ... Read More »

The Scene: New Appalachian Center For Craft Program Manager

Meet new Program Manager for the Appalachian Center For Craft, Ashley Lusiettot.  Join host Andrea Kruszka as she sits down with painter, sculptor, and the new Program Manager for the Appalachian Center For Craft, Ashley Lusiettot. They discuss her background coming from Wisconsin, her preferred mediums of painting and sculpting, as well as her style of art, as well ... Read More »