Wednesday, April 24, 2019
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Watch now: Why Brett Eldredge’s fans are throwing dog toys onstage

CMABrett Eldredge hosted one of the most unusual gatherings during CMA Fest year: a meet-up with his fans at a dog park. The Illinois native was surprised how many people showed up, though perhaps he shouldn’t be, given the popularity of his 2-year-old Weimaraner/Vizsla mix, Edgar.

So, at this point, Edgar’s the most popular dog in country music, right?

“He might be,” Brett tells ABC Radio. “I was trying to think about that the other day. I mean, it’s weird that a dog can be famous, but he definitely is…He hasn’t got a big head about it — yet.”

As you might expect, the “Long Way Home” hitmaker’s fans love to shower his pooch with presents.

“Oh, god! Insane amounts,” Brett admits. “Like, literally, we’ve got boxes of toys that he gets from the fans. But the thing is, he tears up so many dog toys, that we always end up using ’em.”

“Yeah, [toys] get thrown up onstage a lot,” he laughs. “Sometimes you see bras thrown onstage. I see dog toys. Rock and roll!”

You can tune in to see Brett perform his latest single, “Love Someone,” on ABC’s annual CMA Fest special, which airs August 8 starting at 8 p.m. ET.

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Source:: CMA Fest News