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Today In The UC (Page) 05-11-16The Upper Cumberland. It’s where we live. It’s where we work. It’s where we raise our families. The people and organizations in our community are what make it tick. 106-9 Kicks Country knows the impact that local organizations have on this and surrounding communities.

Each week, 106-9 Kicks Country will have interviews with representatives of organizations that impact the Upper Cumberland.

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Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Broadband Access

Expanding broadband access has been a statewide focus so far in 2017. The Legislature has already approved money to help the entire state grow its access to high speed internet. The Upper Cumberland Development District identified this as an issue that needed to be addressed in our area during its 2015 review. The good news: we, as a region, are ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: STEM Math

In your school career…you likely learned the multiplication tables. You learned how to multiply fractions. You were taught how to create a percentage. Likely, you did not understand what it really meant, but you had a formula or steps or just memorized the way. STEM Education focuses on the WHY more than the how. We go inside STEM education with ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Broadband’s Future

With state government approval in place, work will begin soon to expand the broadband blueprint across the Volunteer State. It’s an effort that has taken the hard work of numerous groups and state leaders to make happen. One of those groups….the Community Economic Development Network of East Tennessee. The network fights for access in all areas for all citizens of the region. ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: STEM Teaching

Students across the region are learning science and math in new ways thanks to STEM Education techniques. STEM values the how and why of learning more than the rote memorization and recall of facts.   At Tennessee Tech, the work goes on to educate future teachers about the value of STEM in their classrooms. Many of these students have already ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Protecting Your Skin

As summer heat and humidity arrives in the Upper Cumberland, it’s time to consider how important suntan lotion, hats, and an overall sun blocking procedure can be to your overall health. We provide expertise on sun protection and how skin cancer continues to grow as a problem nationwide. Dr. Lisa Whiteaker is a noted Upper Cumberland Dermatologist – and she’s ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Hepatitis Growing

Not considered a prominent health problem for many years, hepatitis now is on the rise. In particular, hepatitis C, continues to grow rapidly as a health concern both in the United States and around the world. In the Upper Cumberland, as prescription drug users turn to other forms of drug abuse, such as heroin, the sharing of needles leads to ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Oakley Stem Center

When leaders gathered more than ten years ago, they wanted to provide a place where Tennessee Tech students, faculty as well as community members and their kids could create and learn. This discussion and work led to the Oakley Stem Center on the Tennessee Tech campus. We continue our exploration of STEM Education as we visit with the center’s director ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: What Is STEM?

STEM Education may be a new concept to many. It’s not a class or a subject…it’s a different way of examining science and mathematics education…asking students to explain why and how. In the Upper Cumberland, the Millard Oakley Stem Center provides a place where college students can learn to teach the next generation and local students and parents can explore ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Breaking Addiction

Addiction to heroin on the rise. Pain killer usage at an all time high. Marijuana viewed as a recreational option. Meth, though tempered by recent changes in the laws, remains prevalent. There are many aspects to the Upper Cumberland’s drug addiction challenge. Teen Challenge of the Upper Cumberland stands as one organization trying to break the cycle and return local ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Burgess Falls

Burgess Falls State Park and Natural Area provide amazing views, wonderful hikes, and water features you will not find anywhere else. As one of the treasures of the Upper Cumberland, we explore the area’s history and its offerings with Park Manager Bill Summers. Summers also introduces to the Window Cliffs Natural Area, a brand new offering for the Upper Cumberland. ... Read More »