Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Happening Now

Tell Us What Makes You A Kicks Country Kingpin

What’s a Kingpin? It’s someone essential to an organization – and that someone around Kicks Country is YOU!

Whether you’re a mom raisin’ em kids, run the lumber yard or sit in the corner office – Kicks Country wouldn’t be Kicks Country WITHOUT YOU! You’re the KINGPIN around here – and we KNOW IT!

That’s why Gator is givin’ a big Kicks Country Kingpin Salute to YOU! Tell us a little about what you do everyday to keep things runnin’ – and it could earn you a Kingpin Gift Card from Bowling World in Cookeville!

Bowling World is hookin you up – FREE bowling and shoes, plus burgers and drinks for FOUR from Gutters Grill! Enter below – then listen to Gator Friday afternoons at 2 to see if you’re a Kicks Country Kingpin from Bowling World and 106-9 Kicks Country! Just remember to follow the rules!

Enter To Win A Bowling Experience For Four

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