Saturday, November 25, 2017
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Styckman (Page) 01-24-17Whether you’re getting off work late, or getting ready for third shift, the Upper Cumberland’s favorite social media addict is here to keep you company! Styckman’s playing new country and sharing crazy stories all evening long.

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Play Ms Pac Man on the Streets of Cookeville

Update – You’ll need to be on a desktop computer for this to work, i just tried on my iPhone…nope.. Grab a computer, it’s worth it! Just in time for April Fools…the folks at Google Maps have made it where we can play Ms Pac Man nearly anywhere we want. I took the “April fools” bait hook line and sinker… ... Read More »


Looks like the Folks at Burger King are throwing the first punch at April Fools Day. Ok maybe the 2nd punch… I think the “April the Giraffe” fiasco is an Fools Day Prank. StyckMan (thumbnail picture – screen shot from Youtube video) Read More »

School draws on 90-year tradition for prom dates

FREEPORT, Ill. – Every year, juniors and seniors at Aquin Catholic High School  vote to determine whether or not to keep the school’s annual prom tradition alive, and every year for nearly a century the students have agreed to be coupled with their classmates for their prom through a random lottery, According to the Freeport Journal Standard This year, the fellas ... Read More »

Teenager Fights A Croc To Impress A Girl

A teenager in Australia jumped into a river to wrestle a crocodile, all to impress a girl. He ended up very injured, but says he regrets nothing.  “haters gonna hate” Apparently his plan worked and the girl agreed to go on a date with him. Read More »