Sunday, May 26, 2019
Happening Now


Nikki is a 12-year Air Force (Master Sargent) military veteran as a General’s Aide at the Pentagon. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology. Nikki left the Air Force to do full time radio (unrelated to her military duty). Since then (2002), she has been doing her radio shows all over the the country. She has a rescue puppy named Bella who is her only “Daughter”. Did we mention Nikki also has 3 “sometimes” sidekicks on her show to introduce you to? Yep, “Gertrude” (her assistant), “Nugget” (her donkey) and “Hoover” (her elf).

Let Nikki brighten up your day, and make you laugh all through the workday on the station that’s #1 For New Country – 106-9 Kicks Country!

Weekdays 10-2pm