Sunday, October 13, 2019
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Jason And Tony: The Putnam County Fairgrounds Might Be Moving

The Putnam County Fairgrounds on Jefferson might be moving . The fairgrounds have been at the current location since 1957 but had been in three other locations through the history of the fair.

The first fairgrounds in 1856 were on Dixie Avenue just north of the square where Tennessee Tech is now.


In 1895 when the Railroad came through Cookeville a new fairgrounds was built next to the railroad near 10th St. and Washington Ave. The Fair even had it’s own train stop for people coming from Nashville and Knoxville.


The third site for the fairgrounds was built in 1932 on the corner of 4th St. and Maple Ave. The fair stayed in that location for 24 years. The fairgrounds had to move after a big fire broke out during the 1956 fair and burnt several buildings.


And that brings us to now… The Putnam County Fairgrounds have been on S. Jefferson since 1957


The fairgrounds might be moving for a 5th time in its history.. To the Old Cookeville Speedway.

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