Friday, July 31, 2015
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Gator Styckman (Page) 04-17-15Gator and Styckman are back in the Upper Cumberland waking you up mornings on 106-9 Kicks Country. Start your day with the unique style of this duo that met in high school, and have been cracking on each other ever since.

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Gator Bytes: The Voice Of The Vols


We were able to get Bob Kesling to come in with us and talk football for a while.  Known as the voice of the Vols, Bob joined the Vol Network in 1999. He covers all of the Football AND Basketball games for Tennessee. He also has one of the most recognized voices in sports, and certainly in Tennessee. We talked ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Cougars Need Love Too


Attending the Zoo is a good thing, hopping the fence, not so much. Especially when it’s hopping the fence into the animals’ habitats. An Ohio man is now facing charges for doing that and the evidence is something he provided for the charges. Columbus Zoo officials in Ohio, are charging 35 year old Josh Newell for his attempt to “pet a ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Lips Ain’t The Only Thing Sealed

blakemiranda split

  Lots of puzzling looks as fans wonder what exactly caused the divorce of Blake and Miranda. The news of their split was almost as surprising to fans as the speed with which it happened. Having filed July 6th, the divorce was done and over by the 20th, the day it was made public. While they made the divorce known, ... Read More »

Say it Ain’t So!


Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert announced that they are getting divorced. The couple’s reps in a statement to the Associated Press, say: “This is not the future we envisioned. And it is with heavy hearts that we move forward separately. We are real people, with real lives, with real families, friends and colleagues. Therefore, we kindly ask for privacy and compassion concerning this very ... Read More »

11 Year Old Reads Pretty Mean Comments About Him


An 11-year-old in Michigan named Logan Fairbanks posts a lot of YouTube videos with his Dad . . . and noticed he was getting a ton of mean comments about his weight recently.   But instead of feeling bad about himself, he posted a video last Tuesday where he reads the nastiest things people have said.  He said he did it ... Read More »

French Fries Are Practically Salads


The American Heart Association could’ve put out just another Public Service Announcement. They could’ve put a bunch of info together and appealed to your intellect. There were a few options, but they took the one that gives you Nick Offerman as a farmer with some different crops. The ad was put together by with help from Nick and Funny Or ... Read More »

American Ninja Warrior Dog


They don’t really have pets on American Ninja Warrior. After this display of acrobatic agility we think they should. This dog lands a flip that’d leave us in the hospital. If it wasn’t for his size we’d almost guess this was a cat in a dog suit. Read More »