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Gator Styckman (Page) 04-17-15Gator and Styckman are back in the Upper Cumberland waking you up mornings on 106-9 Kicks Country. Start your day with the unique style of this duo that met in high school, and have been cracking on each other ever since.

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Gator Bytes: Want Your MAN To Finally Know What It Feels Like?

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

The Fibo bracelet, a new piece of wearable tech brought to you by Danish startup First Bond Wearables. It’s a cool way to let men to “experience” pregnancy. The Fibo, which is still in development and not yet available for purchase, aims to inform men as to what’s going on with their wives’ pregnancies, without the whole issue of having ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Is HE A Keeper?

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

Ever wondered if he’s the one for you? Elite Daily has you covered: 5 Subtle Signs Your Guy Is Falling In Love With You, According To A Guy He calls you He makes time for you He opens up to you He deletes his online dating profile He introduces you to his parents   Read More »

Gator Bytes: Goin’ To Pot

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

‘Pot-friendly’ gym where people will be encouraged to use the drug while working out will open in San Francisco Jim McAlpine is set to open Power Plant Gym in San Francisco, California, in May He said using marijuana during a workout gets you in the ‘eye-of-the-tiger’ mode The 46-year-old is opening the gym with the help of ex-NFL star Ricky ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Beauty Wrongs

Today In The UC Cropped 3

Think you might be making some mistakes when putting on make up? The folks over at Cheatsheet have a solution to help you keep from looking silly when you’re trying to look cute. Check out the full list here. 1. Wearing heavy black eyeliner 2. Piling on the foundation 3. Wearing blush 4. Ignoring their brows 5. Wearing bright eyeshadow ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: So How Long Do You Have To Date Someone Before…

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

I’m a firm believer that farting in front of your partner is a relationship milestone right up there with your first kiss and your first “I love you.” It’s the moment you say to your partner, “I’m going to let you see the grossest, smelliest side of me… and I still trust that you will love me any way.” THAT’S ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: What’s The Biggest Dating Deal Breaker?

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

Dating has always been hard. The National Communication Association’s journal Communication Monographs conducted a study to figure out what online daters prefer when they look at online profiles: Daters who are more open about their achievements or those who held back and were more selective in what they put out? Four dating profiles were given to 316 participants. The profiles were of both men ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Is Chewing Gum GOOD or BAD?

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

Chewing gum is proven to keep your appetite at bay, relieve stress, and improve productivity. And so long as you chew sugar-free gum, it doesn’t even cause cavities, since it stimulates saliva production that washes away food debris and protects your teeth from decay, according to the American Dental Association. But gum may have a dark side that could impact your health, according to ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: What Types of Friends Should You Have?

Gator Bytes (Logo) 01-30-17

Have you ever looked back at your friends, and reminisced on how you met? Take a look at the list of friends that you should have thanks to Elite Daily: 1. The childhood friend 2. The family friend 3. The high school friend 4. The college friend 5. The long-distance friend 6. The friend of a friend 7. The work ... Read More »