Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Gator Styckman (Page) 04-17-15Gator and Styckman are back in the Upper Cumberland waking you up mornings on 106-9 Kicks Country. Start your day with the unique style of this duo that met in high school, and have been cracking on each other ever since.

Lots of fun. The most country. And the news and weather information you need to get your day started.

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Gator Bytes: The FANNY PACK IS BACK!!!!!!

Fanny Packs Are Back, And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It According to Hollywood stars, the hottest accessory on the market is a fanny pack. Yes, really. Practical and stylish, the coolness factor of the bag has risen over the past few years. Kendall Jenner and Leonardo DiCaprio sported one on a trip to Thailand, Sofia Richie wears hers hiking and Kourtney Kardashian has a few Chanel versions herself. Check out the full ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Are you a Drunk Shopper?

If you’re the kind of person who goes online to buy all kinds of weird things in the early hours of the morning, after an alcohol-fueled night out, you may be interested in a new smartphone app that blocks your credit cards for 12 hours if it thinks you’re too drunk to shop. DrnkPay is THAT AP. The survey that inspired ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Well I Didn’t SEE that coming…

28 years ago, Carmen Jiménez, from Madrid, Spain, became completely blind due to a serious eye injury. At least that’s what she told everyone, including her own family, because she was tired of having to say “hello” to people she didn’t actually want to greet. The 57-year-old woman recently revealed that she had always been able to see perfectly, which left ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Is he ready for a Relationship or not ladies?

10 Signs Your New Partner Isn’t Ready To Be In A Relationship 1. They Refuse To Accept Blame 2. They Think They’re Always Right 3. They Emphasize How Many Other Options They Have 4. They Are Stingy With Affection 5. They Harp On The Past 6. They Never Take You On Real Dates 7. They Care More About Their Feelings ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: How Much Should I Tip?

In order to make sure those overworked folks in the various service industries get the tip they deserve here’s a short guide to tipping: 1. Wait staff should be tipped 15-20% or more, because they make less than minimum wage in some states 2. Bartenders usually get a buck a drink 3. Picking up fast food or a drink from ... Read More »