Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Gator Bytes: What Your POST Says About Your Personality…

People habitually posting to Facebook about exercise, diets and accomplishments are more likely to be narcissists. And bragging about accomplishments does tend to attract more attention from friends.

The study also found that people who post updates about their current romantic partner are more likely to have low self-esteem.

People who are more conscientious tended to write more updates about their children.

Here are some other associations the study found between personality and Facebook use:

“…extraverts more frequently updated about their social activities and everyday life, which was motivated by their use of Facebook to communicate and connect with others.

People high in openness were more likely to update about intellectual topics, consistent with their use of Facebook for sharing information.”

The conclusions come from surveys of 555 Facebook users.

Click here to see the full study.