Tuesday, August 22, 2017
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Gator Bytes: So How Long Do You Have To Date Someone Before…

I’m a firm believer that farting in front of your partner is a relationship milestone right up there with your first kiss and your first “I love you.” It’s the moment you say to your partner, “I’m going to let you see the grossest, smelliest side of me… and I still trust that you will love me any way.” THAT’S HUGE. So… how long do you wait until it’s appropriate for you to have such a HUGE milestone in your relationship?

In a survey of over 2,000 people, Sapio — a dating app — sought to find out just that… Most people think it’s totally fine for you to fart in front of your partner after three to six months of dating. But to my surprise, farting in front of your partner is supposed to come before saying “I love you.”

(Survey findings showed people agreed you have to hold off on dropping the L bomb until you’ve been together for six months to a year.) Personally, I feel like you wouldn’t want to fart in front of your partner until you KNEW they loved you enough to not be totally disgusted by your butt. But, then again, maybe you love them because you’re like, “I farted in front of them and they STILL stuck around and found me adorable.”

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