Monday, January 27, 2020
Happening Now

Happening Now

Get In Shape For 2020 With Shape Up Or Ship Out

106-9 Kicks Country’s Jason And Tony care about YOU! They want to help make sure you’re listening for a LOOOOONNNNG time – by helping YOU get in shape! It’s 106-9 Kicks Country’s Shape Up Or Ship Out with Fitness Master! Just fill out your registration below! Make the decision to improve your health! Everyone who joins gets a 30 day ... Read More »

Tell Us What Makes You A Kicks Country Kingpin

What’s a Kingpin? It’s someone essential to an organization – and that someone around Kicks Country is YOU! Whether you’re a mom raisin’ em kids, run the lumber yard or sit in the corner office – Kicks Country wouldn’t be Kicks Country WITHOUT YOU! You’re the KINGPIN around here – and we KNOW IT! That’s why Gator is givin’ a ... Read More »