Tuesday, September 26, 2017
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Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Eagles Football Returns

Rookies reported last week and Monday, the first practice of the season takes place for the Golden Eagles of Head Coach Marcus Satterfield. The second year head coach remains focused beyond this season. He wants to see a new culture embedded within his football program and within the region. Satterfield looks back at his football roots…and talks openly about what ... Read More »

Today In The Upper Cumberland Podcast: Oil And Gas In the Upper Cumberland

When you think of oil and gas production in the United States…you think of Texas first. Maybe Alaska next…California? Sure. Those three states account for the biggest percentage of oil production….some 930 million barrels annually. Oil in Tennessee? Yes. And more than you think. And the area of interest…well right under your feet. We explore oil and gas production with Dr. Jeannette Wolak…she is an assistant professor ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: 15 Ways to Get Over Your Heartbreak

If you’re attempting to get over a breakup, and long for a cure-all ASAP, you’ve come to the right place. Many of us crave something that will put us on an instant high and make us forget about the pain… if only for a short period of time. Whether you’re going through a breakup or dealing with any sort of heartbreak, learning how to cope ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Eclipse Time

The Upper Cumberland will have one of the best views in the nation for the coming solar eclipse. The August 21 event is one that Tennessee Tech Professor Dr. Stephen Robinson, Chairperson in the Physics Department, has been looking forward to for some time. To call the eclipse a once in a lifetime event…does not do it justice. And it’s an event ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: What does your profile picture say about you?

Research reveals there’s just ONE thing you need to do to appear more ‘attractive’ online Choosing a new display picture is a tedious process but it dictates how people perceive you in the online world. Now a team at the University of New South Wales, Sydney, has discovered that images chosen by a stranger will likely produce more favorable reactions ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Consider Owning

You see lots of real estate signs around the Upper Cumberland these days. And that’s good news for the local economy. The Upper Cumberland has a disproportionate number of renters. Now might be the time to make the switch from paying rent monthly to securing equity. Daphne Tapp of Guaranty Mortgage has free advice on securing a home mortgage. She says now’s a good ... Read More »

Gator Bytes: Wanna Know How to Legally Eat Road Kill?

It used to be against Oregon law to harvest the meat of certain critters killed by the state’s drivers. Gov. Kate Brown changed that with the stroke of a pen last week, approving a law passed without a single “no” vote in the state legislature. The Associated Press reports that the Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission has until January of 2019 to adopt ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Fighting Hepatitis

More and more cases of hepatitis, especially hepatitis C, are being reported nationwide including right here in the Upper Cumberland. The cases are tied to the reemergence of intravenous drug usage. Dr Don Grisham is Regional Medical Director of the Upper Cumberland Regional Health Office. The regional health offices around the Upper Cumberland have stepped up their efforts to fight. Dr. Grisham explains ... Read More »

Today In Upper Cumberland Podcast: Broadband Access

Expanding broadband access has been a statewide focus so far in 2017. The Legislature has already approved money to help the entire state grow its access to high speed internet. The Upper Cumberland Development District identified this as an issue that needed to be addressed in our area during its 2015 review. The good news: we, as a region, are ... Read More »