Thursday, July 27, 2017
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The Best Bad Magic You’ll Ever See

This is about 8 minutes that you won’t get back…but if you can’t be good… be funny. ha! I’m not sure who this guy is but as I’m watching the video I think…he HAS to be a good magician under all this silliness. Release your mind for about 8 minutes and watch. Read More »

This Kid’s Halftime Performance Will Steal Your Heart!

About this time of year, band kids all over the state are going their band camps and learning the show that they will be entertaining you with for this upcoming footballs season. They put in countless hours of practice. Trust me when I tell you…THEY WORK HARD! This video of Little Maximus was uploaded in December of 2015. But can ... Read More »

Country Stars Answer Questions from Country Haters

Sometimes Country Music has its haters. Some of the best of the best in country music takes on Hater’s Questions HEAD ON! \ Gimme a follow on… Read More »

Costa Rica President Eats a Wasp

The President of Costa Rica handled the situation hilariously… A wasp flew into his mouth, and President Luis Guillermo Solis stopped talking, swallowed the wasp and announced, “I ate it”… “I ate the wasp” . He later said video of the incident should be sent to CNN. Read More »

Fidget Spinner Pro Tricks

Fidget Spinners are all the craze. In fact, a lot of us fidget with them here at the station. Today we went searching for tricks and we found the Fidget Spinner Grand Master… Sorta don’t give away the joke, and share this page with your friends. Read More »

Amazing Recovery

This video is a few years old but I feel his pain. This guy is playing the most important song that we learn as band kids and disaster strikes! But man!!! His Recovery is EPIC! I’ve been there! I’ve played cymbals. I promise you, it’s not easy as it looks. They are heavy, they pinch(in places that you don’t want ... Read More »