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‘Fresh Off the Boat’: TV Review

ABC taps into diversity for more hilarity on promising new sitcom featuring breakout star Constance Wu and based on Eddie Huang’s book of the same name. read more …read more Source:: Hollywood Reporter Read More »

Is This the Most Unbelievable Guess in ‘Price Is Right’ History?

It’s not uncommon for contestants to be completely wrong about the prices of products on The Price Is Right, but these guesses stunned even host Drew Carey. The prize was an iPhone 6 with 16GB, a one-year calling plan, 4 gigs of data and unlimited talk and text. The first contestant guessed a whopping $7,500, but the second contestant didn’t ... Read More »

Golden Delicious: Holiday Plum and Apple Galette

Clove, cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg, and the like are, in my opinion, front and center in too many holiday desserts. Although a certain amount of the familiar bouquet is enjoyable, when October rolls around America seems to go on spice overload. (I’m talking to you Starbucks!) This golden delicious free-form pie is a way to get your seasonal dessert fix, hold ... Read More »

14 triumphs and challenges of married sex life

For many couples, the details of their sex lives are kept relatively private, even from the prying ears of close friends Because of this secrecy, it can be difficult to determine how your intimacy and sex life compares to that of your fellow married friends See also: What It’s Really Like Filming a Hollywood Sex Scene Secret-sharing app Whisper scoured ... Read More »