Wednesday, February 19, 2020
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Jason And Tony: A Guy Mows His Lawn With a Giant Tornado Behind Him

I guess when you finally decide to get your yard work done, you’re not going to let anything get in your way. A guy named Theunis Wessels from Three Hills, Alberta, Canada was mowing his lawn on Friday as a tornado passed through the area. And his wife took a crazy picture of him mowing with the giant tornado looming behind him. ... Read More »

Jason And Tony: In the Wake of the RompHim, Lace Shorts For Men Now Exist

Maybe we should’ve seen this coming. If you missed it somehow, over the past few weeks, people have been going crazy about rompers for men. They’re called “RompHims,” and the Kickstarter for them has raised nearly $360,000. And now, we’ve got the first in what’s sure to be a long line of ridiculous new men’s fashion items trying to draft off the ... Read More »

Jason And Tony: Would You Lick These Things For $20?

It’s time to see just how much dirty money your tongue can earn. A ridiculous new survey by Buzzfeed asked people if they’d lick different things for $20. Here are the results . . . 1. A dollar from a convenience store . . . 68% would lick, 32% wouldn’t. 2. Your best friend’s foot . . . 65% would, 35% ... Read More »

Jason And Tony Book Of Records

Tomorrow 5-18-17 we will be looking for our first Book Of Records entry. The first entry will go to the couple who has been married the longest… Is that you? Somebody you know? Call us between 7 and 8 AM tomorrow and let us know! 931-526-6969 or 800-869-1069   Thanks! Jason And Tony   Read More »