Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Jason And Tony: #ICYMI 10-10-18

If you missed any of todays Jason And Tony show you can listen to ICYMI here!!!! Content hosted by This morning we talked about flu shots and talking to yourself. Also a new Social Media Theater and The Alternative History Of The Upper Cumberland. Todays Word Of The Day and Scary Stories In 5 Words. We wrap things up ... Read More »

Stupid Jeans Alert: Inside-Out Jeans Are Here

One day, big fashion companies are going to stop this trend from the past few years of producing the STUPIDEST jeans they can think of. That day is not today. The latest dumb jeans come from a company called Unravel Project and they’re INSIDE-OUT JEANS. And yes, they basically just look like a pair of jeans turned inside-out. Also they ... Read More »

Jason And Tony: The Real Story Of Crazy George’s Bridge

It was more or less a place to take your girlfriend in high school and try to scare her in hopes the event would be traumatic enough that she would make out with you! Crazy George’s Bridge is located about 5 miles west of Monterey on the old Lawson Rd. now called Woodbridge Rd. Legend has it the bridge marks ... Read More »