Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Happening Now

6 yr old Kid wants this new word added to dictionary

According to a now-viral video his family shared on YouTube, it all started when a 6-year-old Levi Budd spotted a stop sign during a ride with his mom.

“Mom, I see that ‘stop’ spells ‘pots’ backwards,” That’s not a palindrome. What do we call a word like that … where a word spells another word backwards?”

He and his family could find plenty of examples of what he meant — flow/wolf, loop/pool, rats/stars, however there apparently wasn’t an official word to describe it.

So they decided the best word for it would be one that salutes the kid who figured a  need for it. That’s why, with their video and a social media campaign, they’re promoting the use of “levidrome.”

And it’s catching on!

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